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VF LS3 6.2L Cam Upgrades


When selecting a cam package upgrade for your HSV, there is a series of requirements we feel are important when making your decision on what you want from the cam design.

The easy one is MORE POWER. This is the reason for the change but it doesn't end with power. The camshaft is the "brain" of the engine. It does more than add power and idle lumpy. It also dictates the driving manners of the car, fuel economy, cruise speed, low engine speed smoothness and ultimately, the accelleration of your car. Like all things hot rodding, a little is good but too much can lead to compromises that may distract from the enjoyment of your vehicle in daily use.

At SQP we have done the hardwork for you. We offer a range of cam upgrades that will suit all requirements when chosen correctly. Our on going R&D with camshaft design backed with over 25 years of engine building understanding allows us to help you select a camshaft from our LS range that will suit all of your driving needs...long after the shopping centre car park "rump rump rump" excitement has gone. We often remove "big, dumb cams" and replace with small, smart cams and see more power, better driving manners and all round improvement in the driving experience.