VE/VF Fuel Systems


It has been a long time coming...but SQP has the solution.





Something that has been missing from the aftermarket for late VE/VF Commodores is a genuine drop in PWM controlled returnless style OEM compliant high volume E85 compatible fuel system. After many months of testing with our partner we are proud to release our 600lph @ 58psi (13.5V) fuel system. Not content with hanging two pumps in a tank, we wanted a jet pump distributed system that required no return line and operated without check engine lights and have capacity to move over 1000hp of E85 (with additional voltage booster as tested. AFR will vary capacity of system) without modifying or reflashing OEM contol system.


The heart and soul of this system is a collaboration between SQP and VaporWorks. We have developed a slave pump controller that mimics the OEM PWM control by driving two DW300C fuel pumps independently but mutually. How does it work? The factory fuel pump control module(FPCM) thinks it is running a ZL1 pump on its own and is happy with the current draw from the single pump. The OEM fuel pressure sensor is still in place and the OEM FPCM is operating oblivious to the Vaporworks slave controller module driving the second pump. Ingenious but pure in its operation. No second pumps starting on hobbs switches or relays on return fuel lines and no pressure regulator required. NO SITTING PUMPS ON A FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR BOILING FUEL. No stinky fuel modules boiling fuel in the boot. No stupidly placed surge tanks fitted in engine bay crumple zones boiling fuel and cooking 044 pumps. This system only runs pumps as fast as what is required to give the output required to keep OEM fuel pressure in the rails.


The fuel pump module itself starts life out of a CTS-V2 LSA equipped spec unit. All wiring and crossover line adapters are included in price. Fuel level sender is as per OEM so no need for calibration of senders running tanks too low. Due to some configurations using flexfuel sensor, SQP do not supply replacement line from fuel pump module to OEM steel line. 




Below is typical installation with Speedflow -6 AN style fittings and "teflon" hose.



Below is twin line extreme effort installation that has been shown to control and support over 1000hp on E85 over the quarter mile and sustain the same over 800m at Racewars.





This OEM standard fitment high capacity fuel system retails from $3490. Fluctuations in supply and AUD have made it impossible to give a definitive price. Please email for current


For this you get;


Brand New CTSV Fuel pump Module with twin DW300 pump upgrade.

Fuel tank crossover adapter.

SQP/VaporWorks PWM slave control unit.

Radium Fuel Pressure Damper for iron flat fuel pressure control.

All wiring in a custom user fit configuration with comprehensive instructions.


The hard work has been done with this system. All it needs to be done is fit and forget!!