About SQP

Testing facilities developed over this time include SF600E flow bench for cylinder head developments and refinement. All cylinder head valve work is conducted in house to ensure you get the right profiles for outstanding flow characteristics. This is done in tandem with air flow testing. With over 20 years experience and R&D I can put a package together to suit your requirements.

SQP has it’s own in house dyno facilities via Dyno Dynamics and Stuska Test Systems.

PCM modification (reprogramming) for Holden VT-E is carried out in house using EFILive. With a grounding in the electrical engineering field, combined with over 20 years tuning experience, I can map your car for best power and manners. No generic “flash tunes” here. I tune it, I stand behind my work. As with everything SQP, the results speak for themselves. Pride. Experience. Knowledge.

When deciding on your new engine package or vehicle modifications, keep in mind the experience of the people offering advice. Many are nothing more than the corner mechanic who decided to give the Performance Industry a go during the recent boom. Others are just resellers of imported foreign built engines and packages. Ask them of their racing experience and performance history. Get them to show you where they test their parts and combinations they are trying to sell you. Don’t be blinded by the flashy show rooms and swanky waiting room couches.


Then come down to SQP and see where real speed is built….not repackaged.