Holden Colorado RG 2012 onwards* ECU



 * SQP does offer calibrations for earlier model Colorado under the DTA Banner.



So you bought yourself a NEW Colorado with the 2.8L Duramax diesel in it...Great torque and power from the factory but it lacks any real bite! The throttle lags and boost reponse if poor and it is really just uninspiring. Well SQP have the answer...


In conjunction with EFILive, we have brought a brand new product to the market that will floor the local 4x4 community and redefine the boundarys of ECU calibrating in this market. EFILive have specialised in EFI calibrating software since 2001. EFILive have developed a package using their industry leading proprietry software to allow the calibrator access to GM source code as per a factory engineer. This puts the operating parameters of the engine and transmission controllers at the desire of SQP.


GM rate their engines for market segment sale...but there is considerably more in the tank SQP is able to unleash via a revised calibration...



Soggy throttle response? No doubt!! SQP can re configure the response of the engine WITHOUT resorting to "trick" boxes that do nothing but make the ECU think it is looking to a different place in the map above...we put the command back under your foot! Direct to the ECU. No dodgy "translators" to fail and throw codes.




The two tables above should be called "take the fun out of it" as they are the top torque numbers the calibration will be enable the engine to produce...factory rated it at 500nm in auto form...here are the numbers!


At SQP we have access to far more than just torque parameters and the rates that this torque can be produced...we can go in to the ECU and change boost, rate of boost, injection timing, fuel rates etc etc. We aren't limited to hacking small areas of code via a hex editor. Or reflashing supplied hacks. We load direct from our calibration software through the OBD2 port into your ECU/Trans controller.



The results? Well they speak for themselves. Without resorting to over fueling the engine SQP have been able develop some calibrations that give upto 30% more torque and power than factory. There are no chips to buy and no piggy backs to fail and throw codes. SQP write directly to the ECU as per a Holden dealer would at update time. All GM datalogging and diagnostics are unmolested. SQP write protects the ECU such that it can't be flashed over at the dealer, losing your upgrade. So if you had to have Holden look for a fault on your vehicle...no issue! We can even set you up with a remote tune device that allows you to flash in SQP calibrations or return to standard OS in your own driveway if desired! This can also be configured to hold different calibrations for say towing against 4x4 thrashing! The scope is endless so please inquire via email.



In the calibration above, factory power was 109rwkw...torque peaked at the factory rated 500nm. Baseline 2.8L Duramax automatic. Through careful calibration SQP are able to lift this rating by 30% with NO MECHANICAL MODS. Standard exhaust and standard air box!

We have a range of  calibration options from a one shot fix for the throttle lag and torque response issue commonly exhibited in standard calibrations though to our 135rwkw responsive calibration that is an excellent 25% gain aimed at the long distance tow guys. Matched with automatic controller recalibration, this thing just runs down the road eating up miles. Contact SQP today for further details.



So now...how much does this cost?




SQP Stage Three 4x4 Blaster 142rwkw (30% increase in power) $1195 including dyno time.

                                             SQP Stage Four Thrasher 150rwkw $1295 including dyno time.                                       

Base 2014 Colorado typically shows 110rwkw on SQP dyno.


Automatic recalibrating from $365.


But you are out of town and can't get to SQP to have these calibrations installed?


Don't fuss! SQP can set you up with a remote tune device that becomes your property. It enables you at the flick of a switch to load any of the SQP supplied engine or transmission calibrations or your factory delivered OEM calibrations in your driveway through your OBD2 connector under the steering wheel. SQP can send you updates and support via email that can then be loaded simply by the autocal device. You will miss out on the dyno graph but not the stand out performance gain that an SQP calibration gives! Got a few mates with a Colorado that want to get a SQP calibration also? Share the cost of a Autocal device amongst a group! Now there is some value. Autocals are available through SQP for an introduction price of $495. That is the price of the box alone and DOES NOT INCLUDE CALIBRATIONS. Obviously without dyno time there is a discount on the calibration price so please contact SQP for more details so we can tailor a cost effective package for your situation.

 * SQP ECU/TCM cals are sold per car. Autocal device cost can be shared amongst unlimited number of people. Extra EFILive license required for each add on vehicle.

This is a no gimmick, no trick, engineering correct ECU recalibration solution with money back guarantee...if you aren't happy in the first 30days with the power SQP unleash or our calibration doesn't do what we claim...we will return it to standard and refund your purchase price. *conditions apply.




Four Tunes in the ECU- Switchable on the fly!



So you want to be able to have it on kill for a little weekend Warrior action but then bring it down for everyday use? SQP have the answer with our DSP4 selectable calibrations. As can be seen on the graph below standard factory this 2016 Colorado made just on 104rwkw. We updated the operating system to our switchable tunes and each stage is documented on the dyno on the fly! Best of all worlds at the selection of a dial! This is a true game changer in RG calibrating! Want a bit more to tow the work trailer but conserve fuel...select No2...you get the idea. No hit and miss calibrating with SQP...we understand the code and can dial in the power we choose for each selection.





Contact SQP for more details now.


Remote tuning not available on 2012 Colorado using HPTuner Product.