Toyota N80 2.8L Hilux. 2015 on.




SQP are excited to bring another new product to the Diesel market. While editing ECU calibrations has been around for some time in the N80 platform, none have the depth of calibration configuration that SQP has developed with HP Tuner software. SQP followed on from our industry leading ECU/TCM VDJ200 into the 2.8L Denso platform. First step was to get the shop a Hilux to start working through the software with. As is the SQP way, all our products are fully developed and tested in house on our vehicles BEFORE rushing them to market. We find the issues on our stuff and work through the one percenters to bring a product that is backed with 20 years of electronic control experience and first class to the market. The yard stick that others are measured by.


Being a DPF fitted vehicle with known issues, our first challenge was to uprate power without causing extra DPF burns. Being as this wasn't the first DPF platform we were dealing with, the same strategies were employed that had proven to be hinderance free. 10000km of road test followed with a massive GREEN tick. The adding of power to any turbo diesel is a rather easy path that can be done in many ways. But there is only one way that keeps the torque models correct for transmission calculations required for correct pressures etc. If these models aren't preserved, all sorts of transmission issues follow. Something that is evident in the market place right now with code that has been broken by adding fuel pressure or injector duration outside the models. Looks great on the dyno but problems soon arise. SQP soon found issues in Toyota's modelling that took six months of working through code and logs to identify the error. No easy task but it again ends with a product based on pure math and not hacked code. Hundreds of hours of road logging and testing went into this development giving you a product that is second to none regardless of hype others may claim.




SQP test mule on the dyno.



Extensive dyno testing produced results where a 30% increase in power and a genuine 100nm increase in torque presented with NO EXHAUST or airbox changes required. Awesome bang for the buck power increase!


As with any of these late platforms, the engine uprate is nice but the game changer is what SQP has done in the trans controller (TCM). Many VDJ200 owners struggle with how "lost" the trans is on that platform... Well Toyota out did them selves on the Hilux. The trans strategy is over complicated and beyond a joke when it comes to gear selection and load with many hierachies and modes in operation. Being extremely complex it was a massive amount of work to break down the models and put some sanity back in the TCM. It required extensive logging and parameter identification that would never have been possible if it wasn't for the support of HPTuners with the logging capabilities and code breakdown. We have a large range of parameters at our disposal via this "toolbox". All that are used in a combination to give a driving experince like no other on the 2.8L platform. It is far more than just a power upgrade and some shift points. It is about how power is delivered and then interpreted by the TCM to make it drive like no other tuning option on the market. Integration of torque converter clutch operation was paramount and this has enabled a seamless drive far exceding the OEM offering. Better acceleration and smoother operation.




Throttle maps are improved to give better interface with the driver. Selectable via different modes operated via OEM dash selection.



Modes of trans are also selectable via the same OEM switches. ECO to POWER to SPORTS are all modded to give different results for different requirements. That is a lot of MAPPING!!


The all important HOW MUCH?


Inline with the VDJ200 platform, ECU and TCM remapping is offered for




Manual available $1395.

 No more to pay. No lock box for converter control required.

Dyno report before and after included in all packages.




But you only have a manual and don't need TCM upgrade? We have you covered for



Drive in/out.


Dyno report before and after included in all packages. 


Some availability on NON HILUX platform is limited at this point but we are working through the many operating systems to get them online as soon as possible. Please call for further details.