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From bolt on parts to hardcore race items SQP can supply you. Contact us today for a quote on your next performance parts requirements.

We will offer you honest advice on the best parts to suit your application, not just sell you what we have the highest margin on.

Some might like the truth, others can’t handle the truth.

So if the BEST part for the job is what you are after, call or email.

Street Quick Performance are Distributors for...

Comp Cams are the LS lobe design leaders. They have full development of their own lobe designs in house…


Street Quick Performance has a Custom Grind Comp Cam for all your applications.

Based on our prolific dyno and track testing we can offer cam packages from LS1 to W427 LS7.

All our cams come with complete knowledge of driving manners to power output.

So we can match a cam to your application. Call for details…we do more than just sell “lumpy” ones!

Street Quick Performance offer a full range of Di Filippo Exhaust product.

Sure there are cheaper out there but when you weigh up the quality of this Australian Made product against the cheap imports the benefits of DF win hands down.

Don’t be sold short.




From the lightweight LS1 bolt ons to the Full Custom sets for LS7 MAST and PIS LSR cylinder heads we are there doing the yards on this great Aussie product.

ETP are no more but Cary Chouinard, the brains behind this awesome range of cylinder heads is still going under the MAST banner.

From Cathedral LS1/LS2 style ports to LS3 and LS7 ports in 3.9, 4.0 4.07 and 4.1+ bore size there is a cylinder head to suit ALL applications.

Want to be outrageous? Give the TRUE cantered valve cylinder head a go! These things are like NOTHING ELSE LS!

Don’t get caught up in the “they aren’t any good” BS put around by others with nothing more than dreams and modded standard casting to offer.

This range of cylinder heads is made from it’s own dedicated casting…not modified OEM, starting from a clean slate.


If you are serious about being in the racing winners circle, then you have to be serious about Callies.
Callies Performance Products began manufacturing high performance crankshafts in 1989. With many years of engineering and employee experience, Callies has grown to be the industry leader for innovative product design. We take pride in staying ahead of the competition with the latest high tech design and manufacturing advantages.

Street Quick Performance is a Callies Performance Products wholesale distributor.


Compstar Cranks and Conrods.

NPC Performance Clutches.