Landcruiser VDJ200 Series ECU Recalibration and Trans Mapping







 Street Quick Performance has long been one of the pioneers in Engine Control Module(ECM) and Tranmission Control Module(TCM) remapping. Having started in the late 90s and continuing to today, SQP has a reputation based on a dedication to getting the result via doing it the right way. We commit massive amounts of time going deep into the code reverse engineering and unlocking the potential of the controllers WITHOUT resorting to hacks and trickery. It is the hard way but the PURE way.


Diesel ECU remapping has brought many out of the woodwork looking to make a quick $$ out of hacking some maps. Car park flash for cash is common. It is far simpler than petrol EFI and results can be achieved without having to delve very far into the code. Most are using corrupt European software with limited logging capability so to work through the engineering by trying to join dots in mislabelled editing tables often leads to "hacks" being applied. Sure it shows a power increase but at what cost to the integrity of the code and safety parameters?? Creeping boost targets because of vane table manipulation...sooty exhaust as pulse tables are raped (easiets way to get fuel into a diesel is to pump the injector duty time via falsifying injection times leading to larger fuel delivery on commanded fuel quantity demanded in the ECU code). This leads to broken torque modelling and inconsistent performance. Some with a poor understanding of orifice flow theory even try to jack fuel pressure...may as well of just left a rail chip on hey?


At SQP we don't try and trick the ECU into injecting more fuel and delivering more air- WE COMMAND IT TO! Via the ECU code with ALL engineering checks and measures in place. PURE!


SQP first ventured into VDJs in 2008. Having purchased one as a work ute the desire for more performance was immediate. Exhaust fabricated from mandrels in 3" stainless the gains were great. Then came the rail chips...hit and miss and mostly miss, we soon started messing with intercepting injection events etc which saw some nice gains. Unichip came next...but then we go in the ECU. That was 2016. Working with some of the leaders in ECU editting software we have been able to forge a path through the code and recalibrate in a manner that the OEM engineers would use the code. We were told in 2016 it couldn't be there is a diesel chooner on every corner but not many diesel calibrators exist. With SQP you KNOW you are getting the safest, best engineered solution to your power gains.


Dyno numbers are a trap. Punters often chase the highest number. Reality is that all gains are the same percentage. There are hardware limitations to how much fuel can be injected and how much air can be moved by the engine in OEM form.Always look for the percentage GAIN. Not the peak power. Torque is the same. Tyres, rims blah blah all contribute to what is seen at the roller. Regardless...the gain will be the same.



Power upgrade is IMPRESSIVE with an improvement of OVER 60hp at the rears!!


 As is the gain in TORQUE! OVER 200nm gain seen at the rears also.

Take careful note of where peak torque is. Towing? That is 90kph in S4...


The graph above shows a typical VDJ200 with SQP specced MANTA turbo back exhaust system. SQP recommend and use Manta Performance Exhaust in our packages. This is Aussie made and delivers some of the best performance and sound available. All exhaust supplied in our packages are 409 OEM grade stainless steel- Mr Toyoda put a stainless system on your VDJ- we will too. Beware of that when comparing prices-mild steel is far cheaper. The shop VDJ has a twin 2.5" system going to a single 3". There is no gain in anyting bigger and the drone can ruin the ride when larger is fitted. The SQP remap shows a 40% increase in both torque and HP. As can be seen by the graph- it carries power out to where we start putting fuel before fuel cut. This extension of power is evident when pushing them through the gears. Comments we get are- "it just never stops pulling!" This coupled with our Transmission remapping (TCM) keeping the engine in the right power zones really takes the VDJ200 to another level. AFRs are kept to well above stoic. No soot! Boost is held and tightly controlled via the VNT to 22/24psi. Some fall for the trap of trying to push higher boost into this engine. Our testing has shown that the turbos are past their efficiency and the resulting higher intake temps results in a loss of air density that sees no extra volume of air going into the motor- more boost DOESNT MEAN MORE POWER OR AIR! Just over worked turbos! All over and under boost warning and limiters left in place to stop over speeding turbs or over fuelling with low boost numbers. PURE CODE!


Another package we have worked very hard on is a DPF/ Emission intact recalibration for 2015 on. With the hectic efforts of regulators the days of the DPF delete are nearing an end. We set about putting some calibrations together with the DPF in place based on our extensive experience on GM platforms. We have then validated this on Toyota for frequency of DPF burn etc. Below are the result. We don't want soot and extra burns so controlled the AFRs to factory type region for clean burn. The gains are there none the less.


 With a MANTA DPF back exhaust and SQP tune package typically 30-40rwhp gain can be expected.


Gains again in torque are impressive. Typically a gain of 100-125nm can be expected EMISSION INTACT AND ROAD LEGAL!


Starting with 20% early in the dyno pull- gains over over 40% are seen later in the rpm range. Just keeps on trucking. The thing that can't be seen is the gain in response. The VDJ reacts instantly to the throttle once we have ran these maps through it the ECU. To the point of being too responsive in power mode which we have revised via throttle map settings. Pulling a van around Aussie? This is for you!


As impressive as what the SQP ECU mapping is, the big game changer is what were are doing in the TCM. The one thing that has always annoyed are the claims on social media by vested interests that the TCM and the torque converter clutch can't be managed without a box over riding. That is like saying the ECU can't be altered without a chip. Thing with trans control is it is a LOT harder than smashing a quick 20% onto a pulse map and messing up a vane table as is the low level of many ECU remaps. A 6 speed trans is a complex thing and after 14 years messing with them in GM and Allison applications...Mr Toyoda's engineers threw some real challenges at us. The Toyota six speed calibration is a complex beast that has taken 2 years of testing to work through. The many modes of converter operation are a real challenge to identify and recalibrate. Our goal was to offer far more than getting the trans to shift into 6th early and apply the converter that then wouldn't hold under any real power application. We wanted the lower trans temps that result from eliminating converter slip. The solution of fitting a lock up box to make that happen was a fail to us knowing what we are able to do in other makes. We were told we couldn't do it...Game on! The total fluff getting around that the TCC should be locked FULL TIME above 80kph is a complete falsehood and displays NOTHING but a total lack of what is required to match engine load to ratio selection and TCC strategy. Why would the OEM spend so much time and money engineering code with sympathy to EGTs and trans life when it could simply of just locked at everything above 80kph like a Lock Box?? This is simply stuff put around by those without the talent or understanding of what is really required to get the optimum fom your VDJ200R!


At SQP we wanted a tow mode...we wanted a true manual driver control of the trans and TCC via tables that could be selected by what ever mode you had the shifter in. SQP wanted the trans to be in the best gear and TCC for the load on the engine and to optimise efficiency utilising our engine remapping. The tables had to be there and we found them after much effort and logging!! Below is a short video of the shop VDJ 200 in normal D for drive mode. It runs through the gear shifts and gives a great indication, shown with data log insert, of what is taking place in the controllers. We are unloaded here but believe it shows the control we have via the TCM. Excuse the narration...I aren't Jeremy Clarkson... LOL.





The next short clip takes you for a run up a hill in in SQP "Tow Mode ". This mode of trans control is a full revision of shift points, pressures and torque converter engagement strategy activated by putting the shifter into the Sports Manual Mode. This mode operates as per normal shifts control until the specified gear is reached. From this point the transmission controller will not try to get a higher gear. We have put many hours of testing into this mode to utilise the TCC giving efficiency without lugging the motor. We were asked to bring this mode into use in 3rd gear and even though we were able to do this via the code, 4th gear with good engine calibrating was able to give all that is needed. The down rate some call via transmission temperature is a myth. Some need to get a better logger and start looking to where the derate comes from. It isn't transmission calibration. The trans calibration has hot mode protection in built and the hysterisis activates some other modes. But anyhow- we aren't here to give lessons on transmission calibration and DTC. With good ECU calibration transmission mapping at highway speeds- 5th gear can be employed with converter locked via the TCM. As spoken of in the clip...the calibration won't allow you to lug the engine too low and will automatically take you back to 4th gear if you try lugging too hard. Check it out- they said it couldn't be done...





The last clip is again using a second strategy. It has further revisions of the trans calibration to give us revised braking via the TCC on decel. We aren't going to put too much up on here but it shows the flexability we have in the code using the different calibration strategies available in the OEM TCM.  No molested wiring harness and after market electronics to fail. TCC assisted got it! No lcok box masking poor calibration strategies.






So now we have been through all much you say?? SQP don't sell the transmission calibrations separately. Our testing is all with SQP torque and power from our engine recalibrations. These package really do transform the VDJ and like what we have seen on the GM platforms over the last 20 years- the most frequent comments are- "love the power but the trans calibration is amazing."


  The ECU/TCM package on it's own is


$1990 inc GST.


With no more to pay!


No lock BOX required for highway use!


BUT for extra value for $$$ SQP offer this Industry


Leading PROVEN recalibration strategy when purchased with one of


SQPs many upgrade packages for;



$1890 inc GST.







SQP have many different variations on those after 15 years of sales to suit all sound requirements whilst giving the same great bang for the $$$.