VE LS3 6.2L Cam Upgrades.







SQP has a range of camshaft options available for the 6.2 LS3 base. Starting with the ever popular SQ53 cam grind that runs in a standard converter auto car through to our grumpy guts SQ57, we have a cam for all occassions and tastes. The drivability and mid range torque of the SQ53 cam is second to none on the market and we have used it many times to replace bigger dumb cams fitted by other shops achieving better power than the larger, poor performing design. Fuel economy is as per a MAFLESS car and is exceptionally smooth in its operating range right down to the 1800rpm cruise at 100kph with no "cam surge" so cruise control is cool.  It has an excellent cam rump rump to it at idle but will still run on a standard torque converter, with the right tuning, in an auto car. Be assured it is no baby but proves that careful cam design with thought to the valve events is the secret to having your cake and eating it too.
 LS3 with SQ545 installed above.


 Keeping in mind they are street cars not race cars, these are our most aggressive daily use type camshaft package on standard bottom end motors. The SQ54/SQ545 and SQ57(auto only) cam grinds are proven to show 20-45rwhp over the SQ53 and stands toe to toe with many bigger cams offered by other shops when compared on the same dyno without the compromises to drivability. The mid range torque and upper rpm power of these cams is second to none on the market whilst still maintaining excellent driving manners...will clutch up from idle and drive away without having to rev the freckle out of your motor. They still has adequate piston to valve clearance to allow for the occasional over rev without bending parts...something many on the market can't offer! The power delivery is exceptionally smooth in its operating range right  up to the 7000rpm redline but does exibit some cam surge at highways speeds on light throttle.  SQ545 has an angry cam rump to it at idle. These cams will not run on a standard torque converter in an auto car. Be assured these aggressive cam designs using latest lobe designs with no compromise to reliability via well thought out valve events maintaining clearance in your LS3 engine. At SQP we don't do things by halves and have had this camshaft and valve spring package independently Spintron tested to prove the rpm potential for maximun reliability and valve train stability. Turn your car into a low 11 second strip runner today! No one has done more on track testing than SQP. Take the time to have a read of Project VFII  to see where SQP are on LS3 performance upgrades. No one takes it to the track for real world testing like SQP!
We offer it in the package on LS3 based cars; 
              • SQP custom Comp Cams camshaft.
              • BTR Dual Valve spring kit with Titanium retainers.
              • Trend .080" CrMo pushrods.
              • Timing cover seal.
              • LS7 cam gear with ARP bolts
              • ACDelco coolant.
              • Penrite HPR30 oil.
              • ACDelco oil filter.
              • NGK spark plugs.
              • 175 degree thermostat.
              • Labour for fitting.
              • Full MAFLESS tune with open loop road logging.




     Auto add $375 for auto trans recalibration.